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Featured Articles
Eric D.Eric D.
My son, Luke, and daughter, Sarah, started training with Keelin when they were 8 and 10 years old. Now, after six years of training, the solid foundation that Keelin built has been instrumental in the success each of them have enjoyed. Keelin started with the foundation of technical drills that she told them are “like eating your veggies, you gotta eat them every day.” Read More>
Mindi B.Mindi B.
My two daughters, have been training with Keelin for the last 5 years. Over the years, we have had many trainers. All talented players of the game. The difference with Keelin is she has the coaching gene and simply a gift to coach! That is a rare quality. Keelin introduced "coervers" to the girls. These footwork skills have been the biggest impact in both my daughters play. Read More >
Keelin Winters is the best soccer trainer with whom our family has ever worked. I say this after watching Keelin work with our son and our daughter the last couple of years on a regular basis, and observing the tremendous progress they have made as players and as people. Read More >
Jeff W.Jeff W.
My daughter has been training with Keelin since August of 2013. Already, she is more confident in handling the ball and her physical fitness and ball/foot skills have grown in technique and strength. Read More >
Kathy T.Kathy T.
It has become more apparent to me that the older I get the less agile and able I've become. I love soccer. I love what it has given to my life: the lessons; the friendships; the opportunities; and the joy. Read More >

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